Novel microbial diagnostics enabling precise antibiotics treatment in 90 minutes
I find it incredible that doctors must still prescribe antibiotics based only on their immediate assessment of a patient’s symptoms, just like they used to when antibiotics first entered common use in the 1950s.

Jim O'Neill

The review on antimicrobial resistance 2016

Current Standard practice in Treating Infectious Diseases

It takes 2 Days for Clinical Test Results

Non-specific drugs

Antibiotics administered ahead of test as treatment delay raises patent’s risks each hour.

Patients at risk

Receiving incorrect or unneeded antibiotics, exposure to excessive toxicity and complications.

Worldwide growing threat

Antibiotic Resistance and Super Bugs costs $20B in health care, $35B in loss of productivity annually in the US alone.

Healthcare burden

Acquired Infections cost $28-45B annually, 2M people infected, 90,000 die in the US.

BactoByte solution — novel testing method

maximizing efficiency and safety of antibiotic treatment

1 - 2 h

New technologies

~24 h

Current practice

48+ h

Universal Platform Technology

Biological system

  • Bacterial extraction
  • Metabolic activation
  • Growth promotion
  • Fluorescent staining

Single Cell

Computer vision

Metabolic activity monitoring

  • Detection
  • Analysis
  • Gold standart correlation
  • Reporting

software system

Disruptive Innovation Universal semi-automated system for various clinical microbiological applications
One-hour infectious diseases intracellular testing:
  • Screening
  • Pathogen identification
  • Antibiotic susceptibility
  • Miron Krokhmal

    Miron Krokhmal

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    Vladimir Glukhman

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